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Picade: The arcade cabinet kit for your Raspberry Pi (kickstarter.com)
58 points by northernmonkey 1604 days ago | hide | past | web | 18 comments | favorite

Hi, this is Jon (the tired looking one in the video) from Pimoroni :)

We were the first campaign to launch on Kickstarter in the UK. We brought forward our plans for Picade to align with the launch because we felt the interest it would generate was worth it!

Good Luck! Would love to collaborate with my DeskCade project for the Raspberry Pi.

Nice! I saw that when it was featured :)

You might be interested in the custom PCB we're putting together to offload all the input, sound, power, and lighting requirements!

Would love to check it out. I'm currently using a Teensy Arduino to offload as much as I can. I have a huge space constraint, so the smaller the PCB the better :)

More than happy to discuss details with that (we have thought about an Arduino being involved there too) :) I'm jon@pimoroni.com, things are a bit crazy right now but do get in touch if you want to chat!

I've been working on the DeskCade for a while now:


It's been featured on the frontpage of RaspberryPi.org and the Orlando Sentinel.

Good luck with your kickstarter!

I already have one http://imgur.com/4LOiA ;)

- Selfmade - Mini-ITX - 200G HD - ...

More photos/info upon request.

Nice! One of our stretch goals is to look at compatibility for other platforms (Mini-ITX included!)

Looks interesting. You show street fighter as your first game, yet you're not using Happ nor Sanwa/Seimitsu parts? :-p

With most arcade sticks, swapping out the buttons for your own isn't too tough; will that be the case here?

>> You show street fighter as your first game

I think that one would also need 8 buttons to play Street Fighter on MAME/FBA, since you also need buttons for the player 1 coin and player 1 start.

>> Happ nor Sanwa/Seimitsu parts

I imagine that would easily add $20 to $40 to the cost of the unit. Personally, I'd love to see a version that just had cutouts for the stick and pushbuttons so that I could add my own stick parts.

Anyone else getting nothing but a 404 from Kickstarter today?

If most of you are OK then I wonder if it's linked to the UK launch of Kickstarter. Any Brits successfully connecting to their site at the moment?

Been fine for us all day - weird!

Backed! And the guys seem to be working in my city so I've asked for a sneak peek, and got a very quick positive response!

Hi again Lewis! No problem at all :)

Does this run MAME or some kind of preloaded emulator? Mortal Kombat II would be so tight on this :D

We're currently running RetroPie on it which includes MAME.

Essentially you load up whatever you want, the Picade is just a cabinet, arcade controls, amp + speakers, and screen :)

Funded! Looks very well done from the prototypes, can't wait to see what you guys end up with.

Thanks for the support :)

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