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Another experiment: No Rails at Railsberry 2013? (railsberry.com)
37 points by elamadej 1815 days ago | hide | past | web | 22 comments | favorite

That actually sounds kind of awesome. It's easy to get sick of the same Rails news over and over. Plus Ruby has such a vibrant and exciting world beyond Rails.

Its not like there are no european Ruby conferences that include many topics beyond Rails and even Ruby. E.g. wroclove.rb, eurucamp and even EuRuKo. So, I don't see the big news here.

Calling a conference "Railsxxx" and then not doing any Rails sounds weird to me.

Yeah, "big news" is relative. Maybe it's no big news, it's cool, too! We just wanted to share what our focus is going to be. People seem to react well (=> twitter).

Why Railsberry? => it's still for Rails devs by Rails devs. And we love our name :D

Oh, I don't want to criticize too much. I am just quite surprised the only all-out community Rails conference in Europe is suddenly non-Rails at all.

In any case, you are doing great work and I am sure that Railsberry will be a success again!

Thanks! Stay tuned for what's on the menu, we're sure as the programme unrolls, it will answer some doubts ;).

That's actually a plan we came up with with Rails core team guys and hopefully Rails community can benefit A LOT from this open-minded approach!

Ruberry? Rberry? NoRailsBerry? ;)

Well said.

Great idea. This would be a good opportunity to experience and experiment in other technologies that don't get much spotlight. Will definitely try to get there this year!

Thanks, we thought so!

I think part of the rails philosophy is to use the correct tool for the problem you want to solve. If you want a blog, probably wordpress is the best option.

Dunno, but a static generator like Nanoc & Jekyll works much better than Wordpress for me.

PS: I see the sarcasm though. :-)

Ha! We had that discussion last year ;) Yes, it's php. Yes, it could be better. But we chose it and it does the job. It's a blog in the end ;)

I though it should be the default philosophy of everyone.

Ouch, right. Currently it doesn't do the job ;)

Apparently the traffic killed us. GOOD PROBLEM :) Fixing it!

Error establishing a database connection. Bad timing?

apparently ;) working on it!

> Error establishing a database connection

Thanks! We're working on it ;)

And we're back up, thanks for your patience!

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