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Ask HN: What are the most impressive international startups?
5 points by twog 1639 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite
Outside of the US, what startups are considered the biggest/best/brightest?

I know of Soundcloud & Spotify. What else exists?

Off the top of my head, Canadian startups HootSuite(Vancouver) and Freshbooks(Toronto) are doing very well. Rypple was also Canadian, but was recently bought by SalesForce.

In the gaming space, some successful Nordic startups: Rovio (Finland, Angry Birds), Mohjang (Sweden, Minecraft), Playdead (Denmark, Limbo).

Wooga (Zynga's biggest competitor) is also in the gaming industry.

Soundcloud, Gameforge, Megaupload (rip), Wunderlist from Germany, Skype from Estonia, Yandex from Russia, etc.

Notion Ink India

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