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Ask HN/PG: What's with the influx of "Here's how I got into YC"?
5 points by mamatta 1454 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite

Writing startup anecdotes for HN has always been a tiresome form of marketing various startups choose to do, but I believe the increased rate at the moment is because YC applications are closing soon.

Zappier explains that the influx is part of the "tradition of recapping YC experiences, especially around the acceptance process during the beginning of a new YC batch..."

I read every post like Zappier's and found them all to be immensely useful. I personally would like to read more.

Sorry the startup name is spelled Zapier

It's just because today YC applications were going to close. Because of storm 'Sandy' PG has pushed de deadline to Friday but don't worry because when the application closes no more info about "How to get into YC" will be published

Would be entertaining to me if each of the douchewattles who wrote these would have their offers revoked.

Fuck you if you "hacked your video". You didn't "hack your video". What could that possibly mean? Just listen to yourself.

An attempt at some subtle publicity.

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