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> "Hey Bryan, its Paul. We loved you guys, we'd like to fund you."

Zapier is pretty awesome, and the guys behind it are pretty sharp, it's no wonder Paul funded them. It seems like one of those things where after the fact you wonder why you hadn't thought of it yourself. Zapier is like the pipe in Yahoo Pipes, but more so. We added Zapier integration with Leftronic and some of our customers have been pretty excited about it. Zapier is especially great for real time dashboards. Ducksboard also added integration, before us even, because integrating a product like ours is just common sense. Now you can get any kind of data to show up on a dashboard (or via some other service) by just dragging and dropping.

I hope more companies and projects add integration for their APIs on Zapier, it seems like it is in everyone's best interest, especially in the interests of our users. Eventually if this takes off you could build a successful product based just around integrating with Zapier.

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