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3 Dudes from Missouri Built a Product, Found Paying Customers, and Got Into YC (zapier.com)
91 points by bryanh 1816 days ago | hide | past | web | 21 comments | favorite

> "Hey Bryan, its Paul. We loved you guys, we'd like to fund you."

Zapier is pretty awesome, and the guys behind it are pretty sharp, it's no wonder Paul funded them. It seems like one of those things where after the fact you wonder why you hadn't thought of it yourself. Zapier is like the pipe in Yahoo Pipes, but more so. We added Zapier integration with Leftronic and some of our customers have been pretty excited about it. Zapier is especially great for real time dashboards. Ducksboard also added integration, before us even, because integrating a product like ours is just common sense. Now you can get any kind of data to show up on a dashboard (or via some other service) by just dragging and dropping.

I hope more companies and projects add integration for their APIs on Zapier, it seems like it is in everyone's best interest, especially in the interests of our users. Eventually if this takes off you could build a successful product based just around integrating with Zapier.

I'm sure you're glad you over-prepared for the interview process instead of the other way around.

BTW, this is most promising company I've heard of originating from Startup Weekend event, including Zaarly ($1.3M raised), specifically because they have great technology and business model.

How does this service differ from ifttt? Why would I want to use it in place of ifttt?

I see that you have a paying account, which is nice - ifttt has limitations (limited number of accounts, etc.) that limit its utility for me (and I'd certainly pay for those things).

I see you have an API, which is really handy for dev-minded types. Can I build things that plug in as triggers or actions in an "ad-hoc" manner - things that are only for my use, and not advertised to other users? That'd be pretty incredible.

I only wish the hardware I acquired recently to work with ifttt - my WiThings body scale and WeMo Belkin outlet/sensors - were compatible. I'd like more complex rules involving them.

Check out the dev platform (https://zapier.com/developer). You can build any app into it that you want and create it privately for your use alone.

I was already using IFTTT when I found Zapier, but was immediately impressed that the latter seemed serious about tackling the more business-oriented apps. There are several services to help me integrate the usual suspects of Twitter, Evernote, etc. Less common, however, are pre-built connectors for, say, Zoho CRM.

That's really our biggest difference (which I forgot to mention). While we do support some more consumery apps our main goal is to help businesses operate more efficiently and less painfully. When we think about new features, new apps, new services it's almost entirely with a business user in mind.

These guys are from Columbia, MO which actually has many of the things necessary to start a tech scene: A good university, cheap housing, and initial angel investment from folks like Brent Beshore who know how to build a strong successful business.

Might be but still we cannot undermine their efforts. They deserve a congratulation too, I guess.

Midwest silicon prairie represent!

Too bad they're not in Silicon Prairie anymore.

One of us is (me) for a while longer. Also we hired our first in Chicago: https://zapier.com/blog/2012/10/24/zapier-team-grows/

I'm in Kansas City myself and it would be very cool to see you guys grow in the midwest. Best of luck to you and your team!

Congratulations! You've built a fantastic service. But, I notice that even your most expensive plan only syncs every five minutes. Do you think you will ever offer a plan that syncs more frequently than every five minutes?

This is because we have to poll each services API. Anymore and we'll reach API limits. The goal is to move towards more webhooks and push notifications so that real time becomes a real possibility.

Who are these zapier guys? Sounds like they got some great advice...

Interesting to see "Zapier" calling them "dudes". A few days back when we raised a point to change the name of "developerAuction" to "GrabDudes" , a guy raised a concern that "no one would strive to be called as dude". !!


I think there is something rather more unsettling about "GrabDudes" than that you'd be calling developers "dudes."

Good story! Thanks for your help at the 2012 Startup Weekend CoMo!

I think it is great that before the interview people have a chance to talk with others, network etc. to get the nerves out.

the yammer strategy? copy a consumer service everyone loves, market it for enterprise, sell to microsoft in a couple years...

As a dude from Missouri, congratulations!

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