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Ask HN: Has there been any attempt to Wikify HN?‏
4 points by scheff 1906 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments
Has there been some attempt to compile Hacker News knowledge into a hierarchical FAQ/Resource format?

eg. "if you're looking for Scalability architecture solutions currently in use, start here."

FAQ/resource for what exactly? HN is primarily focused on news rather than solving problems. There's a lot of knowledge scattered around but you'd probably be better off just looking at StackOverflow rather than pulling together all the isolated little sound bites.

A FAQ/Resource of the knowledge that gets submitted via our blogs, our code, our recommendations, our solutions. While many submissions are news, a lot is also problem solving and solution sharing.

Think about it - the people contributing here have some of the most valuable grey matter in the world. They are coming up with tomorrow's technology. Obviously not all of them want to share that, but many share their knowledge and experiences in hindsight.

The solutions that HNers implement today filter down into the common practices employed by the masses tomorrow.

I think you're romanticizing HN a little too much. There are some really smart people here sharing some fairly unique insight, but for the most part it's just dudes making websites that fail in every sense of the word and people here for tech news because digg died and reddit got too popular.

Why bother trying to extract the tiny bit of lasting value when there are sites like Quora and Wikipedia that specialize in it?

It comes up from time to time but as far as I know it never goes anywhere.

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