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Applying to YC and willing to share you idea?
5 points by guynamedloren 1851 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
We all know ideas are not what make a startup succeed, but rather the founders' experience and willingness to make those ideas happen (among other factors). It'd be interesting to see what ideas different teams are applying with.

Applied with whathavei. whathavei is your personal inventory and social shopping list in the cloud - track and share all the products you have, want, and like.

It's in private beta testing right now, feel free to signup: http://www.whathavei.com/signup?inviteCode=yc1101

Feedback on the idea and product greatly appreciated. Crossing fingers on YC application.

Were going to create software tools to allow anyone to sell ebooks quickly and easily.

Hi, John. I'm about to start writing my first ebook. Whenever your software is ready, I'd love to test it. Send an email to kaufmanjohn719@gmail.com whenever you have a beta!

Best of luck to you!

Nice. I hope you make it. I have something that looks like a book and would love to have tools to finish and publish it without friction.

We have created a Social Web OS

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