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Ask HN: Anyone selling ebooks or other digital goods on the side?
8 points by callmeed 1813 days ago | hide | past | web | 2 comments | favorite
I'm working on a new project (www.bngal.com) and looking for feedback from people who are selling digital goods (ebooks, themes, icon/graphic sets, screencasts).

This is one of the first verticals I'd like to target (if there's a need).

What do you use to take payment & fulfill your orders? What would get you to switch? Is getting exposure from a marketplace more important than a low transaction rate?


Great question!

Reminds me of Jesse Storimer http://jstorimer.com/ who originally published 'Working With Unix Processes' independently which subsequently got picked up by The Pragmatic Programmers: http://pragprog.com/book/jsunix/working-with-unix-processes

Currently working on some books myself.

We have a digital magazine (although we don't sell it, its free), and we use an open source project called Baker that is also made for books. From what I've heard from the people on the books side, they almost all use the iBookstore or Amazon to charge for their books and not worry about adding payment processing on their own.

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