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Crumble is a jquery plugin that makes it easy to create tours to introduce new users or new features. It is built on top of grumble.js by James Cryer to generate the bubbles themselves.

The library also uses a standard ordered list to store the tour information, making it accessible.

Thoughts welcome!

I think it would help to have a more obvious method for dismissing the bubble, like an X button, or a button that explicitly says OK on it, to give a better visual clue for users that are using a touch device or don't think to try hovering over the bubble to see if it's clickable or not.

Hey, good feedback for sure - in all there is no button so as to keep the aesthetic simple - the entire bubble is always the button.

The first step in the tour tells the user they can click to continue, I would definitely recommend that you do this if using the library. You can also hit ESC to exit the tour.

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