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Show HN: Weekend project for Halloween in WebGL (playcanvas.com)
28 points by daredevildave 1786 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite

It looks cool, but I'm colorblind (like 10% of male humans) and reading the text (which looks like a menu and/or instructions, I don't know) is absolutely impossible to me.

I pushed the luminosity to 11, and after staring for a while I deciphered "TO GO FULLSCREEN". That's it.

Please, let me play :)

Sorry! The other programmer working on this is colour blind too, but he obviously wasn't effected.

The instructions say:

    Click to focus
    W-A-S-D to move
    Mouse to look
    Spacebar to go fullscreen

Is there a way to lock the mouse when not in full screen mode?

Chrome should capture the mouse when you click. Firefox only allows pointer lock in fullscreen mode.

very cool. Throughly enjoyed.

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