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Show HN: JavaScript-less iOS Folder Animation (heliom.ca)
28 points by EtienneLem 1847 days ago | hide | past | web | 8 comments | favorite

Ehh the anchors break the back button. Kinda ruins it for me.

Well to me they make the back button work perfectly. I can press 'back' to return the previous view, as intended.

Pretty, but definitely not quite there. The white text on nearly-white background is nearly unreadable here (OSX + Chrome), whereas it's fine on an actual device.

You’re absolutely right. It is more of a JavaScript-less experiment (folders) than an actual css version of an iPhone Home Screen.

Consider using a Sans-serif font. The serif font you have used makes it quite unreadable.

My display: 1280*800px on Google chrome

Very nice demonstration of something I wouldn't have assumed possible with just CSS.

Rather choppy on iPhone 4S.

Nice use of the :target pseudoclass. I was not aware that CSS could do this.


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