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bogomil 1817 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite

I feel like this will end with testimony before Congress.

The catch is of course they won't legislate against Facebook, they will make it a felony for you to buy the data for $5.

(added: oh I missed you are in the EU, not USA)

> oh I missed you are in the EU, not USA

That won't stop them from trying. I hope there's a nearby friendly embassy. 8)

You are probably joking but people have been bared from just entering the USA for lesser reasons, it's sad.

In the USA you can be put on the no-fly list just for demonstrating at an anti-war protest.

Ecuador's one is close to me :)) I dig a tunnel already :)

I am ready :)

I know it's too much to ask, but I would love for them to not collect data at all. In my offline life I don't have a central authority suggesting businesses to like or informing me of what's going on in my friend's life. I'm sure people could manage without this in an online life.

The problem with the social networking is that it needs a big community in order to be useful. But in order to maintain a community, you need money (for servers, software development, investors, ...), and most members of the community don't value the community enough to contribute physical currency to it. So you find someone else willing to fork over physical currency, and then tell the community to like them. That's all Facebook is.

I agree. I guess I'm an idealist when it comes to the online sphere. I have high hopes for Diaspora and similar entities.

+1 for Diaspora

I don't get why in the world he might want those 5 dollars back?

coz 5$ are a lot of money, buddy


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