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Kage shadows production traffic to QA servers (github.com)
29 points by priitp 1852 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Great project, I'd be a little cautious proxying all my production traffic through a new experimental piece of software though.

Another solution using only netcat and tee is described on ServerFault: http://serverfault.com/questions/309583/duplicate-incoming-t...

Yeah good point. We actually run kage proxy behind another load balancer, and only send traffic with a sampling cookie set, which can be controlled from our main app.

It's probably a good thing that this doesn't support SSL, as you wouldn't want this application as your main contact on the outside web.

I'd suggest going using a frontend (such as Nginx or Apache) => Kage => Backend boxes.

Yep, we run kage behind another load balancer that does SSL decryption etc.

This is freaking awesome, I'll be upgrading quite a big busy complex site to a new code version and this should help a lot with testing. Shame that it doesn't support SSL yet, but we can't be picky!

This looks really powerful, I will definitely be giving it a shot.

Good concept. But this design is insane. The shadow should be attached via a logging plugin to your trusted webserver or load balancer, so it doesn't destabilize your production system.

Well, I take "insane" as a compliment :) While it is true you can emulate the traffic by looking at web server logs, it was crucial for us to send the exact same request including the same HTTP headers and request body (think POST requests), in real time with the same access pattern.

It was easier for us to write EM based proxy like this than writing a web server plugin that does it, etc.

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