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RAF Intelligence Analyst Decoder Test (raf.mod.uk)
19 points by pg on Feb 7, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Kind of neat. Heres an image of the solution, for anyone who doesn't want to try it themselves. http://i43.tinypic.com/mjmi47.jpg the name of the .wav gives it away, and I visualized it using one of foobar2000's default visualizations. A more advanced tool would probably give you a better resulting image. Reminds me of aphex twin putting things in his tracks (http://www.bastwood.com/aphex.php)

for the pythonistas


import wave

import struct

import pylab

f = wave.open('Spectrogram.wav')

t = f.readframes(f.getnframes())

v = array([unpack('h',t[i:i+2]) for i in xrange(0,len(t),2)],dtype='float').flatten()

pylab.specgram(v, Fs=44100, NFFT=2048, noverlap=1024)

Did you see also corresponding "Intelligence Analyst" position description?


If I understand well, pay is just 16,675 GBP per year? That sounds crazy low. Even other related positions are not that much better.

Are there some tricks to sweeten it for UK army people - like you don't pay taxes/food/rent, extra per-diem allowances, long vacations, good pension?

That's for example how jobs in international organizations can be very attractive despite not particularly high salaries.

That’s just the starting salary at the base rank; you wouldn't be there for very long! It goes up incrementally every year and jumps when you get promoted. Promotion is good and can go up to over £40k if you make it up the ladder. See link: http://www.rafcom.co.uk/pay_allowances/pay/2008/raf_air_08.c... All the perks that the Army get are the same for all 3 services: Job security, free uniform, Forces discounts, expenses, cheap food & accommodation with all utilities included in the rent (free while on operations!), free medical & dental, excellent facilities including: (catering, social clubs, activity clubs, gym), excellent pension, great holidays, world travel, lots of opportunity for sport or expeditions etc. But everyone, including the Army, pays tax! It’s a pretty good life that has a load to offer in addition to a good pay package.

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