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Google Drive CMS (github.com)
39 points by btfh 1607 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite

This is awesome! I want to use it and have been toying with building so,etching similar except using Dropbox. The one problem is that if it really is a solution for clients who send you information in all manner of outmoded or inconvenient ways I doubt it'll solve that problem. I've learned that clients don't learn and don't want to. It makes life easier to jus say "yeah sure" and do your job however you see fit. Regardless, this is a sweet project.

Nice! Similar idea to ours: http://restatic.binaryage.com

Reminds me of a comment posted years ago about Amazon: "tracking inventory isn't so hard, they just need a spreadsheet."

Before someone jumps in to say nodejs is slow, be glad it isn't implemented in Google Apps Script.

I was under the impression that node was exceptionally fast? Am I missing something?

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