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Track Hurricane Sandy (myhurricane.net)
26 points by jdelsman 1608 days ago | hide | past | web | 8 comments | favorite

Some UIX advice: Only Sandy is listed as a current storm, so that should be loaded by default instead of showing an empty map.

I'm glad I read this post; I saw no storms load and assumed the site wasn't working for me! The link in the nav bar (which I now know to be a link) looked to me like it was just saying what it was (supposed to be) displaying. So I closed it. Then I read the above post and tried it again....

Another note: The icon for the current position should not be the same as the icons in the forecast track. If you turn off the 'Forecast Error' track it's impossible to tell the storm's current position.

That sounds like good advice. I'll go ahead and implement. Thanks!

What advantage does this gives over the graphics given by NOAA/NWS/NHC: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/graphics_at3.shtml?5-daynl?large#con... ? The information provided is a proper subset of that given by NHC (obviously, since NHC is almost certainly the source), it doesn't seem to be as recent, and the presentation is somewhat unbalanced - why give a high-resolution map if the margin of error covers maryland, delaware, and half of virginia?

It offers additional data you can't get elsewhere, lets you backtrack in time, lets you see buoy data in relation to the current storm path, and all in something that allows you to zoom. In the future, it will allow for storm updates via FB message, tweet, SMS, etc. and allow for alerts when a storm's forecast margin of error enters your zip code.

Some advice? I know how to read hurricane forecast maps, but I suspect not too many people can. There's probably a market for an application/website that takes your location and provides a personalized, dumbed-down description of what you can expect, hour-by-hour, for the next few days.

Spoon feed it to people. Set it up so that 90-year-old Hungarian grandma who doesn't speak much English can figure out whether she should go down into the bomb shelter or not. Because Grandma can't read those hurricane forecast maps, I assure you.

easyhurricaneforecast.com awaits you...

Nice. I have bookmarked this to keep an eye on the storm.

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