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> If MS couldn't optimize apps that ship with Surface, they shouldn't have released it.

They don't have time for that. Now there is only iPad with significant sales number. In 6 months Android tables will start to sell in significant numbers.

In 12 months opportunity to conquer world market with new tablet OS will disappear.

One could also go with the premise that the "conquer world market" option actually disappeared a year ago, when Apple released the product, then improved on it with almost no competition in the game.

If Microsoft thinks that it can release a product with software that's not ready for release on just price parity with the market leader, they're delusional.

Apple spent the better part of 2011 (ie, last year) proving that iOS doesn't need a daddy OS around anymore - why is a USB host feature in a tablet meaningful for users? So that I can upload my picutres? Why not I just stream them to your photostream? or push them into your google drive or dropbox?

When the PlayBook was released, people also slammed it because its Mail client was terrible (you had to have a BB phone). The internet was sure that it wasn't even worth a look as Android tablet sales would take off real soon now.

History repeats itself faster than ever.

This may be a race one can't win after sleeping throuh the first 4 laps...

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