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Ask HN: What tools do you use to write API documentation
2 points by feverishaaron 1644 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite
We are getting ready to write and deploy the documentation for our API. We have several SDKs in multiple languages that we need to document. We also need a centralized CMS-like repository that isn't tied to our application.

So what does your company use? Are there any favorite CMS or wikis? Is there one auto-documentation system that will generate from multiple languages?

We've been pretty happy with Dokuwiki and NaturalDocs plus a custom pipeline to process the NaturalDocs output.



Example: http://learn.springbase.com/api:company

We use Restdown for REST API doc. https://github.com/trentm/restdown

For topic documentation we use Confluence, but not particularly enamored with it.

http://swagger.wordnik.com ;)

Auto-generates from a json response on our server.

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