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Samsung launches $250 Exynos 5-based Arndale community board (engadget.com)
32 points by Aqua_Geek 1850 days ago | hide | past | web | 11 comments | favorite

This is enormous, this opens up a huge list of possibilities. Bravo Samsung!

Why would I want to buy this when the Exynos 5-based Chromebook is the same price and has most of the same functionality and ports?

The Chromebook has serial and JTAG?

(honest question)

Probably not, though it wouldn't surprise me if it has JTAG internally yet unexposed, since it's on so many ARM boards.

It's not meant for consumers.

Of course, but that doesn't mean the Chromebook isn't for developers. If you don't need JART or GPIO, the Chromebook is a much better choice.

Has anyone been able to successfully order one of these? I realize they're not shipping yet, but when trying to signup on the distributor's site to place an order it keeps throwing an error for me...

I wanted a raspberry pi with more ooomph... This may do the trick, but it'd need to be about $99 for me to buy it.

Now if only you could get Windows RT as an OEM DVD ;)

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