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Beg HN: Stop Being So Condescending (authpad.com)
31 points by tomasien on Oct 26, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

Tommy, I think you are right that one should not be condescending. Many ideas that were originally thought to be stupid or impossible later changed the world , like the personal computer and the aeroplane. Are you working on any interesting projects currently? I would like to help.

Thank you, I appreciate it. I was working on thecityswig.com and still do to some extent, now I'm working on a simple chat interface on the Open Graph for making plans with friends.

Basically to allow you to say "I want to go a bar", passively blast that out to your friends, and have your entire friend group open to jump on the plan. Then, you chat just like SMS with push notification alerts that are just like text messages or, if you're don't have the mobile app, Facebook alerts.

It's SMS on Facebook for making plans. I think if people could passively connect to their whole friend group via SMS instead of having to pick who to text, people would see more people and do more things. That's our goal.


Sounds promising. I am currently in the last quarter of college and working on some software ideas in Bioinformatics of my own. Depending on how things go, I might drop out and pursue this full time if I could find a way to commercialize it now. If not, I will finish my degree and return back to my country (Singapore) and continue working on it. Either way, lets keep in touch and find ways to work together - if you need extra coders and are open to doing this remotely, let me know what language you are using and I can learn it (planning to master Python at the moment). Been reading up on the founding of Google recently and my eventual goal is to find a co-founder (or two) to work together on 1 big idea like Larry and Sergei. Much easier if everyone is on the same page and location.



Would love to talk, email in my profile, send me one!

Apparently the powers that be decided this didn't belong in the pipeline for the front page, which I can understand. It's not particularly insightful.

Still worth thinking about though I hope!

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