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I don't know that we necessarily miss it for the information that was in it, but I think we certainly miss it for the progress we lost without it.

Electricity was discovered and even used in the ancient middle east. Steam powered perpetual motion devices were constructed, but never applied to locomotion.

Can you imagine where we would be now as a species if ideas like these were allowed to propagate across the Mediterranean thousands of years ago? Steam powered devices are only 350+ years old, and your grandpa's grandpa probably did't have electricity in his house.

In what way was electricity used? (I support your overall point that better preservation would've sped progress, and wish to know if there's something I didn't know.)


Possibly electroplating.


But without positive proof of a series connection I don't see how that is a sustainable theory. Wiring is a necessity.


Neat, thanks -- I'd forgotten about that.


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