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It could be worse. They could be nano users.

Edit: I ment this a joke on the war of Vim vs Emacs vs the world. I guess it didn't come out that way.

Lets not get rude, I've met some of them. They're bright folks using all sorts of technologies. I've seen vim and emacs (though mostly emacs). Their website does have some rough corners but they're working on a 10+ year old codebase and you'll get that as technologies age out. Their product however isn't just their website but instead their service. (The're a social company that isn't about virtual networks but physical ones.) And judging by how they fixed the misunderstanding it's doing pretty good.


Nano is actually quite powerful. Check out the nanorc manfile for all the options, and /usr/share/nano for the various supported languages and fileformats.

Nano provides syntax highlighting, auto indentation, and multiple buffers.

It's kinda funny that Nano is so easy to use people never bother to look into actually configuring it, unlike Emacs which has consumed my entire workflow.


what's wrong with preferring low-average learning curve text editors?


low average learning curve : high average learning curve

radio flyer : motorcycle


Or car : motorcycle, depending on why the learning curve is low/high.


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