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Organizing a meetup and then using the first meeting to promote your own commercial product is bound to raise some flags at meetup.org. And I'm really glad it does, otherwise we'd be inundated with meetup spam as every product launch creates a group on meetup.org for the free publicity.

I really like Drew Neil's work on vimcasts, but he goofed here and didn't really think it through. I suspect that if he resubmits the group without the personal promotion everything will go fine. As far as I can tell, they didn't kick a pre-existing group, but rather turned down the request for a new group.

The feedback I got from Meetup.com was that:

> the lack of content in your description looked suspicious. Generally speaking, we are known for reaching out to Meetup Groups when the content posted in the group description is unclear. In your case, the content may have been very sparse, but your motive was super clear: "Fans of Vim, the text editor". It's a shame that one of the most clearly defined Meetup Groups ended up setting off an alarm.

The fact that I mentioned Practical Vim had nothing to do with our account being closed down.

By the way, meetup didn't turn down our original request to set up the group. The Vim London group had been established for about 10 days before it was closed down, and we had around 50 members.

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