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[Show HN] Engem.me - Give your LinkedIn profile a visual facelift (engem.me)
6 points by bharani_m 1875 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

Engem is a small little web app that I have been working on lately and it helps you give your Linkedin profile a visual facelift.

The core idea with Engem is that presently your LinkedIn profile doesn't tell much about you (and it doesn't look good either). If you see your LinkedIn profile, you will notice that apart from ads, a lot of the screen real-estate is used up by sections like "Viewers of this profile also clicked on". If you are sharing your profile with someone (for example a recruiter), these sections are not of any importance to you (or him).

I believe that this is where Engem comes in. It helps you showcase only the stuff that you want people to know about you and it does so in a visually appealing manner.

Here's the link to my profile - http://engem.me/bharani-muthukumaraswamy

Let me know what you think about this. Looking forward to your feedback and inputs.

It's pretty cool and easy to use, but completely removes formatting for the "Professional Profile".

Eg. my engem.me profile: http://engem.me/doug-barrett and my linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/doug-barrett/53/118/445

Also, I tested out "send email" and I haven't received the e-mail yet.

PS. Nice use of Zurb Foundation :) I'm using it on an little web app I'm currently working on also.

Thanks for trying it out Doug! I will try to fix these issues shortly.

PS. I absolutely love Foundation!

No problem, I was thinking of doing something similar to what you've done, but you've really gone above and beyond what I was originally thinking. Best of luck!

I really liked your resumonk. www.resumonk.com My score 85/100

Coming to engem (70/100)

I want myself to customize fonts(style+size) Sometimes I donot want to show users my area/industry or no. of connections. I donot have a pic on linkedin, but it shows a broken image on engem..

On top of everything, this was a really good attempt.. Keep going

Thanks a lot for the review. I will try to fix all the bugs that you mentioned.

Very cool. Reminds me a little of http://flavors.me/

Thanks. Yes, It is somewhat like Flavors and About.me but I think your Engem page would tell a lot more about you than than the snippet that Flavors shows.

>We're sorry, but something went wrong.

On the landing page? It seems to be working properly. I'll check again.

after linking my profile, sorry i should have specified. It appears to have linked it anyway...but why do I have to create also another account if I already logged in with linkedin?

You need to enter your email/password after Linkedin auth so that I can send you the emails that you get via your Engem profile.

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