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We are hosting our blog on WPEngine and you guys increased the response speed of our blog a lot compared to other hosting providers! We used to spend hours maintaining the blog and make sure it runs reliably, and deploying a new version used to be scary in the absence of a checkpoint mechanism, but you guys solved this problem well.

I can understand that the customer is frustrated with having to change his code to move from a VPS environment to a cloud environment, but that is the unfortunate truth when scaling. Either you 1) get closer to the real hardware and throw resources at it (more ram, vps, or dedicated machine) or 2) change your code to be horizontally scalable on light cloud instances.

Maybe this is chance to create a help-page that explains to users what resource limits they should stay below (memory, cpu, queries) to handle peaks in traffic and how to identify problem points (bad SQL queries, hungry plugins).

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