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Page.ly was awful. When my sites weren't down due to botched infrastructure upgrades, users would get locked out of the admin interface by "FireHost Website Protection" (FireHost was/is their underlying hosting provider). The same sad cycle repeated multiple times:

1. Email FireHost with the event IDs and a request to unblock.

2. FireHost doesn't reply for 24 hours, or if they do it's with "we can't find that event in our logs".

3. I open a Page.ly ticket

4. "El Vaquero Furioso" (yes, that was his name in Zendesk) replies that the issue is fixed and won't happen again.

5. I ask for the root cause and what steps were taken.

6. Crickets, or a snide response from the founder that "we're all on the same team".

Hey D,

Sorry we handled that poorly. At the time Firehost was having some significant issues with their firewall policies. We do constantly walk that line between enforcing security at the edge and annoying customers that may run into WAF blocks. It's a delicate balance.

The problems you had have since been resolved and pagely is running under a new firewall (and new blades) which are much more reliable.

In addressing your frustration my comment of 'we're on the same team' was to demonstrate that we were all working towards a solution for you. As professionals dealing with other professionals we aim to acknowledge and address the problem while steering the conversation to a positive outcome. If our customer views us as an adversary it makes the process more challenging for all involved. By re-framing the conversation as we are all in this together, all working towards a solution, we feel it is more likely the positive solution will be found and implemented sooner. My comment was a gentle reminder to that effect: acknowledging the issue, and we are working with you, and with our partners to remedy it.

Thank you for your past business, and we hope one day to earn it again. - joshua strebel, founder pagely.

That sucks.

I guess it's like how, in this thread, lots of people are saying they've had great experiences with WPEngine and then there's me, suddenly internet-famous as that unhappy WPEngine customer.

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