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Ask HN: how to start my own business?
3 points by jacktang on Feb 5, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments
Well, when I read startup stories and their bibles, I show my respects and envy them their good fortune :) We know that success is hard to be copied. Sometime I felt an impulse to start my own business, and when calm down, I double myself is not capable enough.

Here I'd like ask the question -- what abilities are necessary in one startup? and any tips to training myself? Thanks.

You need another person to pair with. Everything else follows. This is a hypothesis that I am currently testing. I tried following ideas -- and executing alone is hard. I tried using techniques for staying focused and executing, but those fizz out after a while. Then I noticed that the only things I have completed and released have been things I have done with other people. So now I am testing that out. Will keep you posted.

just try it. i share your sense of doubt and confusion. until you actually build [a bike/massive user community/iphone app] it will seem like the most magical and mysterious thing in the world. you can't grok it until you've built it many times.

just go for it. it's easier with a team of collaborators or motivators--that is, you need both mentors to learn from and n00bs to learn with. shoot me an email if you want to bounce some ideas around. diN0bot bilumi org.

you just need two things, really: a good idea, and the ability/will to execute your idea. everything else is bonus.

often (and I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not...) it is only the second one of those that you need :)

good is relative, imo.

but "good ideas have lonely childhoods". Selling vision is hard.

perseverance ... you will have failures (bugs, disks, networks, customer complaints, etc)

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