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Wait, seriously? Is this a common thing? I've not heard a lot of noise about ransom demands.

It's very common to target ecommerce stores like this. Specifically jewellery stores for some reason. Probably because it's a luxury good and somehow botnet owners link that to wealth of the owners. We host tens of thousands ecommerce stores and sometimes get these forwarded. We estimate that our customers receive at least one a month. DDOS attacks are a weekly to bi-weekly occurance for us.

The internet is a messy place.

I would love to hear more about how you mitigate them.. Or is this part of the "secret sauce" for hosting companies?

yes, if we describe it, people will start "unit testing" their botnets against us.

Fair enough! That makes sense...

It is very common; these scams were the bane of online casinos a few years ago, and hit major financial services companies more recently.

Sorry, did I say "scam"? I meant "digital equivalent of a sit-in".

I don't know if it's common but I can confirm it happened to us at least.

The company I work for owns a site which has a niche community of buyers and sellers. There is a particular guy on there who has a reputation of scaming other users. When the users complain and post negative feedback about him, he threatens our company and follows through with DDoS attacks until the negative feedback/comments about him are removed.

It sounds like you are giving in every time. Is that your best option?

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