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I think this is the beginning of the end for Facebook.

Let me explain ...

Like AOL, Facebook is a walled garden reproducing what is standard and open on the web/internet as a whole. AOL had AOL email, Facebook has html homepages, and RSS/ATOM

But "people" cannot create their own content - they cannot write HTML, host web pages etc. But contenteditable fixes all that - and with the clever Dropbox tie in, anyone can start with a templated page, drag and drop images from their own desktop, (#) and publish themselves.

Add in RSS via Javascript and its all over.

(#) oh yes drag and drop images onto a web page - its soooo cool. Aloha supports it at least.

Let me get this straight -- my grandma has to get a Dropbox (what's that?), download a templated page, fill it her own images, and then figure out how to publish it?

Also, there are a lot easier ways out there to publish your own content online (Weebly, Tumblr, etc) but that doesn't seem to have stopped Facebook.

Dear sweet "Grams" is only on Facebook because that's where her grandchildren hang out. If they leave, do you think she's going to stick around? Doubt it.

Copybar Cofounder here, we support drag and drop images upload as well.

That's great - I only know of Aloha but this whole new ecosystem springing up from contenteditabke is really impressive.

Whilst it is of course possible to replace a CMS with flat HTML files what is the main target Market you see for this?

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