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One of the most interesting things to me about this is the listing of gems/plugins and APIs used for each entry. If it's all in a structured form, it'd be interesting to see a table/list of the most used.

In terms of API, just browsing through, I saw that the Solo winner (http://medpass.es) used a government drug pill identification API I'd never heard of before:


From what I can tell, here are the most popular gems for the ten winners:

  haml (8)
  devise (6)
  coffee (5)
  sass (5)
  pry (5)
  sidekiq (4)
  mysql (4)
  honeybadger (4)
  simple_form (3)
  pusher (3)
  bootstrap (3)
It's pretty clear that haml/coffee/sass are just flat out winning, despite all the handwringing.

We used Slim for findthin.gs—it's faster, has much better whitespace control, and, imho, better achieves Haml's reduce noise, increase beauty aims. But there's no contest about Sass and CoffeeScript being amazing.

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