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The good thing about Hallo is, besides licensing and easy plugin development, the fact that it uses plain, unstyled contentEditables, so the stuff you're editing looks exactly like it will look on the real page.

I integrated Redactor as another editor option in Create.js a while back, but it looks a bit strange because it changes the styling of the currently active content area. Other than that it is very simple and clean!

Another valid editor option is Aloha, http://aloha-editor.org

You can use any (or even all) of these with Create, or integrate your own. The next editor I'm looking to add is CKEditor 4, as it also has an inline editing mode: http://nightly-v4.ckeditor.com/3627/samples/inlineall.html

Bergie's halloJS is awesome!

Would be great to see some keyboard support in the future however. eg Super-B/ctrl-b for bold. Haven't tested on Windows, but OS X is lacking working functionality in the latest build

I think there has been some work on OS X keybindings, but in general, Pull Requests are welcome!

Easy plugin development and unstyled contentEditables are the top two reasons we chose Hallo over Redactor for our project.

Took a long look at Aloha, but it has such a big footprint that it scared me away.

Thanks for the pointer to CKEditor 4, I wasn't aware they had an inline mode.

I'd love to hear more about what you (and others) are doing with Hallo, as most of the interaction has been with the CMSs that use it

Definitely. I'll shoot you an email when there's something tangible to show.

Great point. We hacked redactor up so that it does just that, allows for unstyled contentEditables. Check it out with the Try Now button on the landing page, you can see the styles don't change.

Great, have to check that out. Here is the Redactor integration for Create: https://github.com/bergie/create/blob/master/src/editingWidg...

Just curious, do you get access to the full un-minified Redactor source code once you get a license?

Hallo looks amazing! I need to find a way to integrate this into Drupal.

The work being done in http://drupal.org/node/1774312 may be a good start

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