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I've actually submitted, and was recently paid for a Paypal XSS bug. I had the same issue with the expired PGP key and also received the new key from them manually. The whole process took around 4 months to complete for most of which I was left in the dark. The only notification received came in every 2 weeks to notify me that I was still in queue. Paypal paid me $250 initially and another $500 after the bug was fixed.The initial $250 was actually submitted to the email address on the account I was testing with (which had actually already been "Restricted") as opposed my real PayPal address which they requested and I had provided. I was actually surprised by the amount as at no point was I told how much I would receive (I had originally expected the second payment to also be $250). I appreciate the program but they have a lot to learn, in comparison the same process with Etsy took less than a day for them to replicate/patch. Google even with its size takes roughly 3-4 weeks and communicates fairly quickly throughout the entire process. I will say it was rather nice to be able to cash out the bounty in just a few days after each payment but compared to the rest of the companies with bug bounty programs, PayPal's ranks lowest in my opinion.

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