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Why Omitting Social Media Buttons is a Bad Idea (kera.io)
4 points by camwest on Oct 18, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Personally, I love social sharing buttons. Without them, I believe sharing of pages (especially blog posts) would decrease drastically. I am a fan of minimal design trends, omitting everything but the essential from a page and I respect why some people have strong feelings on the subject.

I think we, as the tech community need to find ways of facilitating the needs of everyone in a way that's natural. I like the idea that I can share to Facebook (with my close friends) to Twitter (with my followers who may or may not know me in real life) and I can also see the use for Google+ and LinkedIn for sharing with professional contacts.

What does need to die however, is the overuse of social sharing buttons. I've been to way too many sites where you have a social sharing strip before AND after the article and then a floating sidebar to top it all off.

Would love to see a report from KISSMetrics / Mixpanel on how effective the various implementations of social sharing buttons are.

Edit: Said "personally" too many times

Yeah, it's interesting to see the mobile approach with this. A single browser based share button which can be hooked up to all the social networks that are important to you.

One thing this misses is the social proof aspect of the sharing buttons.

Anecdotally, I've been using Mountain Lion for just over a month now and while I initially thought the OS level integration with Twitter and Facebook would be really useful to me, I've hardly needed to touch it wheras on mobile (Android) I usually go with the browser's built in sharing function. I'm still not sure if we're seeing a shift towards mobile rather than people just consuming content in multiple ways, but if that were the case I think OS level sharing is going to gradually become more important maybe even overtaking social sharing buttons. Also, as an aside, saw Kera a few days ago, looks really awesome.

Yeah I'd also love to see some research about this from KISSMetrics or Mixpanel about this subject.

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