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riffraff 555 days ago | link | parent

suggestion: show some examples. I honestly have no clue what should I input on the search field.

luke_s 555 days ago | link

It says to 'ask PG a question', so I tried a bunch of things I thought would find plenty of results:

* "How to grow a userbase" * "Find a mentor" * "Disrupt a market"

Only the last one returned any hits. I definitely think it needs some kind of suggested queries for people to try out.


solox3 555 days ago | link

Agreed. My first attempt was http://wwpgd.com/?q=how+do+you+cook+steak%3F, and nothing came up. I guess I don't know who Paul Graham is yet.


davidw 555 days ago | link

I enquired as to the best color for the bike shed, but virtual PG was unable to give me any advice.


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