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Did you had a look at .NET 4.5? It has WebSocket support and very convenient async keyword. Seems to me it can match easily match Node for a site like Playtomic.

(I was replaying to benologist's comment, but there's a bug in HN system)

While .NET 4.5 makes a lot of things easier, there's nothing new. Sweeping generalization: it's all been syntactic sugar since generics arrived in 2.0. (This was especially evidenced by all the magic done by the Rx people as the only MS team interested in supporting 'legacy' framework versions.)

For example, the 'official' WebSocket support (SignalR):


  > Please support .NET 3.5 Please
  > ...
  > Of course it's technically possible, but it's not a goal.

This all started a few years ago on .NET 2.0 originally, the NodeJS rewrite began before the 4.5 beta was even announced.

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