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He overlooks a lot of related work on data flow languages. Also, 1) and 3) remind me of I-structures (http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=69562).

Otherwise he seems to have described asynchronous message-passing style, except with convoluted programming language concepts. But Microsoft already has a compiler that statically analyzes message passing in large programs; look up the Singularity operating system. [TL;DR: Message-passing microkernel; everything runs in supervisor mode; safety is checked statically at compile-time.]

Unordered collections is just too lax to be useful: for example, multiplication of 100 matrices can be nicely parallelized because multiplication is associative, but not commutative. So you'd probably end up defining write-once locations ("boxes") that contain (ordered) vectors of elements and use that for communication. So, back to I-structures.

So, basically, just another mash-up of old ideas.

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