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So I was doing an online order last night and I noticed something
3 points by systematical 1598 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite
When I was just about to checkout and enter in all my billing information this ( https://twitter.com/cnizzdotcom/status/256591136074919937/photo/1/large ) overlay came up asking me for a charitable contribution and it got me thinking: Why aren't more online stores doing this? Sure there could be an impact on conversion rates, but that is speculation. It seems to me that socially conscious companies should be doing more of this. Then another thing hit me, what if a web service made this sort of thing easier for all e-commerce sites to implement? This could be a very simple piece of JavaScript code that was implemented into the checkout phases. Plugins could be written for popular commercial and opensource shopping carts like Magento and Xcart. Does this sort of thing exist? If not, then why? If so, why aren't more companies doing things like this?

And ebay has their partnership with MissionFish, which looks to be exclusive. I think it's a decent idea but the market's too small and the difficulty in doing it inhouse is not significant enough, especially for teams doing well enough to want to implement this program in the first place.

There are a few companies who does this - check out http://www.dympol.net/

I do like the idea - but would rather see it on a thank you page (e.g. after subscribing) or (after checkout) not in middle in case a customer bails.

Placing that on a thank you page wouldn't be as effective. You have already payed and laziness is a major factor. I think that the middle of paying process is the best spot to place it. It doesn't need to be so big and intrusive, maybe just a checkbox placed above the "Checkout" button would do the trick and still get a lot of conversions.

Dominos does this too, asking you to round up for charity.

Quite interestingly, Godaddy has it on the checkout page.

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