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I'm running a €2/month KVM VPS in UK with them, had to commit to a minimum of 1 year. The box has rebooted twice in the five months I've had it, whether due to OOM (only 128M RAM) or Edis, I don't know. No other hiccups.

Otherwise, I got all that was promised, 1 IPv4, IPv6 /112, it seems to be a 2533MHz 5066 bogomips amd64 thingy, but no idea how many others are sharing. I'm running Debian on it, basically just providing OpenVPN for my computers/devices.

Their management UI is quite barren and happily mixes German and English, so I'm not quite sure of all its features...

If your budget allows 7.9 euros, http://www.hetzner.de/en/hosting/produkte_vserver/vq7 is probably a nigh bit more reliable (according to a colleague, who has exactly that).

I also had a Linode's 512M, comparing the two Linode wins on reliability and management features. But at 14 GBP (what, ~22 dollars?) you can get a dedicated server from http://www.kimsufi.co.uk/

Interesting... do you have any experience with Kimsufi?

I've had one of the cheapest Kemsirve's (Kimsufi spanish brand) for a few months. The only issues with them is the lack of CPU, only two cores and not really powerful, and the not-redundant SATA drive.

But if all you need is a ton of bandwidth and space (1tb!), it's a nice deal. They have great connectivity (located in France), and only went down for one evening (when all of OVH network went down simultaneously worldwide).

For more power and CPU usage, you're better off with an VPS. They usually also have RAID underlying drives so at least you have some more warranties against data loss.

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