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Or pay someone else to manage the property for you. They are not cheap but with the super low interest rates now (along with house purchase and rental markets) you can likely find some workable solutions this way. It isn't passive, but with a property manager it is much closer to passive.

My parents run a property management business and they generally charge $100 of rent after the first month. You have to have a pretty high mortgage or a pretty undesirable property (i.e. have to take low rent) for that to cut into your positive net; In other words, likely if it's a old property you can't get rid of, but unlikely if it's an investment property.

Yeah, I thought that, too. My property managers were even worse than my tenants, and I went through a couple of services that had been recommended to me by people I trusted.

I actually had a year and a half with zero income from a house. None.

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