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Two friends and I started http://repeaterstore.com straight out of college. Within a year it was profitable, and within 3 it was doing $3 million in revenue (and about a 15% profit margin). It's pretty much stabilized since then, and we hired a manager to monitor the operation. Most stock is shipped through drop shoppers, we just have 2 customer support people to handle phone calls and emails. Forthe last 2 years we've been working on new, more interesting startups - but having a stable source of income has been incredibly valuable in letting us bootstrap until we could raise funds from VCs. Niche eCommerce can be awesome.

You're having db issues here : http://www.repeaterstore.com/applications/small-building.htm...


Totally agreed! Just left a comment above about how eCommerce is my favorite source of passive income.


Well, It would be more awesome if your site was not "unable to select a database".


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