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Holy crap yes. My wife works in the wedding industry, and being able to manage the music for your entire wedding is worth way more than $5.

A DJ will cost something like 50 - 100x that.

We're considering entering the wedding business with an app. Would your wife consider telling us what she thinks of it? If yes, let me know (see my profile for email), it would be great!

Got married last year. $1200 for the DJ.

Could you explain to me how a DJ is worth that much compared to hitting random or play on a playlist on your MP3 player?

Ask the wife :)

But a DJ is more than the money; they control the tempo/crowd for the other things like garter toss, cake, parent/child dances.

I could ask why a developer in California is soo much more than a developer overseas - and they answer would also be they are kind of a like, but you get what you pay for.

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