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Our highest selling app (a hiking app) makes 15-30K/month, depending on the season. Our other navigation apps don't make quite as much yet, but some are getting there. You can figure out from my profile which it is, but I didn't want to name it in the thread and have this be something that turned up in searches.

I wouldn't call it totally passive, but if we ignored it, it wouldn't stop making money. We have consistently grown the sales over the last couple of years, and we are about to introduce a premium in-app purchase.

I have always thought making iPhone apps was a good business, despite what you hear on this forum.

Congratulation, good work! Anyway, the question was about passive income...I suppose you have to do a bit of marketing, user support, thinking about new features, etc...isn't it then just a business?

Perhaps, though it seems like a lot of these responses fall in that category.

I'll say this - I used to work on this app day and night, and now I try and just do the part I enjoy the most, and leave most of it to expert developers and friendly support people. My focus is now on growing the platform, business development, and design work.

I followed through your profile, and the hiking app looks very good. Great job!

How do you get 'outdoor maps' into the App, ie do you license them or are they available freely somewhere?

We pay for use of some map servers, and use free servers. If you have GIS server skills and soe capital, you can tile and serve the maps yourself... Lots of good free data out there.

Is it a paid app or a free one?

Paid, the price has been between .99 - 24.99, and now sells for 9.99. The premium add-on will be 19.99/year.

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