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How to visit companies and start-ups in the bay area?
5 points by Dimitris 1662 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite

I am in the bay area hosted by Oracle, as the winner of the Thinkquest Digital media competition. I have two more days left here and I would really like to visit the big companies in the area(the offices, not just the campus) and other smaller start-ups. I am studying engineering at the University of Manchester so I am really interested in this field.

I was wondering if anyone can help me get a visitor's pass or give me some directions on where to go/what to do. If you want more information about me ask for my e-mail in the comments.

Thanks, Dimitris

It's a bit late notice now, but check out Meetup.com. There are tons of things going on, usually hosted by a company at their offices. The Ruby group is particularly active and has some stuff for tomorrow: http://www.sfruby.info/

Thanks! I found some interesting meetups but as you said it's a bit late now. I will plan my next visit better. Definitely gonna get back here in Summber! :-)

I'm not in the bay area, but would like to get to know you over email. My email is in my profile. Have fun!

for the smaller startups, just find contact emails and reach out to them individually. pretty sure a few will bite, if anything, to see if you're interested in a job at least.

I am in the Bay Area, email me, it's in my profile.

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