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I love this idea as a consumer. Just using it for an international VPN alone would be super worth it.

The biggest factor is the effort of setting up the OS on my Raspberry Pi, packaging it, and shipping it. If I could prepay say... $50-100 USD for a fresh Pi, cable, pre-installed Arch on a SD card, and a small setup fee, I'd be all over it. Especially since getting a hold of more Raspberry Pi's is such a pain right now.

As others mentioned, it's unclear what the risk of this "unlimited for free!" deal falling through, but I'd be willing to take that risk at the setup price of this scale.

Setting up a RPi could not be easier. Arch is now available in hard-float, which makes it worth using.

It's really just a matter of sudo dd bs=1m if=Image.img of=/dev/rdiskX. Once you're done, configure your unit, update and install desired packages (pacman). If you wish you can use dd again to create your own backup image to save you the hassle of re-installing packages if you mess things up!

Indeed, I have a Pi and I've done it, but the hassle is nuking it with a clean slate, packaging it up, shipping it.

Also ordering another Pi to replace the one I ship. :P

So just ship the new one instead.

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