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If you select PHP, you get "So you like your variable names to include dollar signs? That's cool, everyone misses Perl once in a while." Making smartass remarks about their language of choice is not a great way to initiate a relationship with a developer.

The remaining quotes:

C++: "So you like long compile times and incomprehensible error messages? That's cool, we do too"

Java: "So you're a believer in AbstractMethodFactoryBeans? That's cool, we all have our vices"

Python: "So you enjoy the paradigm of backtrace-driven development? That's cool, everyone gets a bit tired of static typing once in a while"

C: "So you think OOP is for hipsters? That's cool, we all get nostalgic sometimes"

Javascript: "So you're a dynamic individual who thinks that, underneath, everything is an object? That's cool, we like to dream as well"

For Rust, it just sends you directly to it's site.

The author of the site works on Rust ;)

It all makes sense now

While this is obviously intended to be humorous, I don't really care for the way it attacks the users of the language in such a mocking, patronising manner.

Criticizing languages/paradigms is fine (the resulting flame-wars add a great deal of humour and interest to the world of programming) - but to caricaturize users of different languages as people suffering from certain negative traits is just ugly and leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth reading this.

I for one would not want anything further to do with this author or site.

I was kind of annoyed when I got the first remark after selecting C, but once I found out they made fun of everything, I actually started to like its criticizing.

only the famous get mocked.

It sounds to me like it acts as a filter for people who can't take a joke.

"Fanboy Trap", it seems to work.

It says some similarly smartass remark about every language you choose. I like it, and think it fits in well with the tone of the rest of the site.

Notice that selecting any language gives you a dismissive remark, not just PHP. But you're right in that it's probably not the best way to cast a wide net (unless they're intentionally selecting for contributors with a good sense of humor).

Except for Rust which takes you directly to rust-lang.org. I actually like the idea though. No language is perfect and people do seem to be a bit too sensitive of their favourite languages.

There are plenty of jokes we make at Rust's expense: http://mozillamemes.tumblr.com/post/29632512055/want-to-writ...

"So you have a fetish for pointer types? That's cool, we all get tired of monogamy eventually."

You learned how to program bank software in the 80s? COBOL is GREAT for that

It makes remarks for all the languages. I think it is part of the appeal of the website.

Ya, not everywhere tries to pretend that no one has a sense of humour the way HN does.

As far as "remarks dismissive of PHP", that's pretty tame. If anything it's dismissive of Perl.

What's the difference between a joke and two dicks?


This happens for every language :)

Except for Rust :)

Everyone using Rust professionally seems to be already employed by mozilla.

for now

I'm still waiting for it to stabilize, but I plan to experiment with Rust in my next systems-level project.

Can't take a joke?

Amazingly, you can submit a pull request to this site, to fix it. So I did. https://github.com/jdm/asknot/pull/27

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