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Just so everyone knows, AT&T does the same thing. You have 30 days from the date of your contract before they start passing it out, but I believe you can opt out of future transactions on the site. Try going to http://att.com/ecpnioptout (if you got a new contract with your iPhone 5, do it this week!)

Edit: I should say, AT&T does something similar. I do not know if it is the same thing, since their opt-out page makes it sound rather innocuous compared to the vague language used in the mailed letter. CPNI = Customer Proprietary Network Information

AT&T's is much more invasive -- it is across all of their telecom platforms (DSL, TV, wireless, wifi, etc). They also will log location information for advertising: http://www.att.com/gen/privacy-policy?pid=2506

You can find more information from their AdWorks division: http://adworks.att.com/press.html

If they were to begin network sniffing, they could potentially build powerful user profiles that would be more valuable than Facebook's data (and truly "frictionless"). Your passive internet browsing would start influencing the commercials you see on TV.

Further update, because I can no longer edit my post...

If you're trying to opt out and it isn't working for any reason, attempt it again during normal business hours (9-5, EST or PST) and see if it does work. As ridiculous as it seems, many functions cannot be performed outside of this window including registering my billing account. Try again tomorrow around midday and those mysterious "timeouts", "unknown errors", etc may magically disappear. If not, your provider should have a phone number you can call (oh, goody) to take care of the same thing.

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