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>Coursera should just publicly identify cheaters so I can cross check against resumes or certifications. Problem solved.

This introduces a lot of problems, all of which are difficult to solve and not directly related to the fundamental vision of Coursera. If I cheat under the full name of my sworn enemy, I can have them publicly blacklisted from any employer who uses this list. Identification seems like the logical next step, but it's no easy task especially when your students come from hundreds of different countries with varying forms of ID.

If you're serious in your suggestion, you're going to have to explain how these kinds of problems can be solved. You're then going to have the same problem Google+ had with online identities. Why should one be forced to give their real identity if they're simply trying to learn, not to be recognized for it?

Only require ID for the recognition. If you detect cheating, don't do anything about it until they confirm their ID to get their certification.

You also need to manage false positives almost perfectly, as you're going to try to ruin someone's professional credibility.

require ID for free online classes? Facebook, email, everything else doesn't require this. Good luck!

You could make it required for a certificate but not for taking the classed.

Continue to award the certificate even to cheaters but then allow employers who are presented that certificate to verify whether the person has been cheating. :)

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