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Ask HN: Any hackers who won the DV lottery program?
8 points by anAsker 1693 days ago | hide | past | web | 8 comments | favorite
The application opened yesterday in my country and I was wondering if I can apply.<p>I also plan on applying to jobs right after December. Anyone knows if not winning this lottery can damage prospects of H1B visas?

I have won the 2013 DV; still waiting on the letter from KCC.

I am sure applying and not winning will make you no harm.

Here are the official instructions for anyone interested: http://travel.state.gov/pdf/DV_2014_Instructions.pdf

Did you apply directly or through an agency?

Always apply directly. Agency does nothing for you. Especially now it's online.

I did not apply through an agency. Just follow the instructions I linked to above and you should be fine.

"if not winning this lottery can damage prospects of H1B visas"

No it willl not damage any prospects of H1b visa. They are 2 different things and no corrlation b/w them unless you did a fraud on DV which now is in your record. So go ahead and apply for both as needed.

H1B is a dual content visa. So, no it will not affect your prospect.

I second this

I won the DV lottery 15 years ago. Got my citizenship five years later

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