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which Chrome and Safari have done

Firefox does it too, and in a much more obvious way than either Chrome or Safari. Here are all the latest browsers on Mac compared: http://imgur.com/a/jdcI7 (Sorry Opera; I haven't re-installed you yet.)

I actually didn't get any permissions dialog or warning label in Safari 6; maybe I ok'd it for another site at some point in the past, but I definitely didn't whitelist this domain.

I've just tested it in IE 9, apparently it has its own "safety mechanism" - I get the following message:

    Your browser does not support the Fullscreen API.

Safari has no warning or message at all. Just a quick, half-second animation and that's it.

Safari disallows keyboard input in fullscreen mode.

Dear customer, in order to improve the security of your account we have implemented a new on-screen keyboard. Please use the mouse to enter your account number and PIN in order to access online banking.

The fact that this is a real technology being deployed right now doesn't hurt.

Entirely? So no way to use fullscreen mode for keyboard-driven games in saf'?

That's correct, this is why the Facebook full-screen photo viewer is not enabled in Safari even though the API is supported.

That stinks.

These messages do not show any warnings about possible malicious activity. This is enough to get a few not so computer-savvy people to get robbed.

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